Cultural integrity scorecard

Designing brands, products and services comes with responsibility. Enhancing your work with aspects of another culture requires consideration of cultural connection, understanding, respect and reciprocity.

This scorecard aims to help you assess the cultural integrity of your work.

Cultural integrity questions

Every question you answer with Yes scores 1 point.


  • Does your product use indigenous knowledge, language or resources?

  • Are you a Māori organisation?

  • Are you partnering with Māori organisations?


  • Are you using Māori design principles?

  • Have you consulted with Māori design experts?

  • Do you have a Māori design team?


  • Do you recognise cultural intellectual property?

  • Have you embedded Māori culture in your organisation?

  • Are you creating beneficial outcomes for Maori?


  • Do you understand Māori concepts?

  • Does your product apply Māori concepts in a culturally appropriate way?

  • Has your product been tested with the Māori community

Appropriation scale

8-12 Strong – your cultural awareness and connection is robust and you have a strong platform for discussion about your work

5-7 Moderate – you are likely to be using aspects of another culture without appropriate levels of engagement or understanding

0-4 Weak – you are most likely misappropriating or taking aspects of another culture with little or no consideration or respect 

How did you do?

We’re keen to hear how you scored. Let us know if we can help improve your score or work with you on your awesome projects!

Our Scorecard has been developed in partnership with Maui Hudson, University of Waikato / Te Mana Raraunga.