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We are Indigenous Design & Innovation Aotearoa.

We’re designers, cultural change makers and innovators. We’re influencing and designing global change through an indigenous lens. We address complex challenges by collaborating in a uniquely bicultural way to enable positive change, mō ngā rangatira o te āpōpō. Mauri ora!
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Tā tātou kaupapa

Amplifying Indigenous voices
Working with and for Māori is at the heart of all our projects. We work alongside our Māori and Indigenous whānau to ensure their voices are heard, understood and applied meaningfully.
Challenging the status quo
For us, conventional design methodologies are colonising and exclusionary. We have developed a Culture Centered Design method to disrupt western design models and put Indigenous people at the forefront.
Growing Indigenous Designers
We grow and upskill Indigenous designers through funded internships and partnerships with tertiary and research sectors, relationships with Iwi Māori, and partners in the Māori CreativeTech sector.

Tā tātou mahi