OUR kaupapa

IDIA was established in December 2017. We support indigenous growth and excellence in the areas of design, communications, technology and innovation through design research and best practice, capability building and product and solution design.

At the heart of IDIA is a kaupapa that focuses on designing futures through an indigenous lens and supports Māori authorship and ownership over the design and technologies in our lives. As technology becomes an ever more pervasive part of modern life, Māori must transition from being passive users to engaged designers, developers, producers and leaders.

Our approach is to spearhead innovative projects that use an indigenous lens to create solutions to contemporary problems; and to push back against the homogenising and colonising effects of globalisation and technology. 

As a centre of excellence for indigenous design and innovation we:

  • Define global standards and ethical practices for indigenous design, communications and technology development.

  • Support tinorangatiratanga, Māori sovereignty and Māori responses to local and global problems.

  • Support whānau, hapū and iwi development through enriching learning opportunities at all levels.

  • Create opportunities for indigenous people to work in design, communications and technology sectors.

  • Inspire indigenous designers, rangatahi and the public by sharing cutting-edge design and by engaging in thoughtful and provocative kōrero.

  • Host hui and wananga to showcase, share and innovate on global and indigenous design and innovative solutions

  • Make powerful tools and resources accessible to all

Key to our kaupapa is the creation of:

  • Global standards and ethical practices for indigenous design, communications and technology development. Validation of these standards and practices will be achieved through research and engagement with indigenous cultures (ie Iwi, hapū, whanau etc).

  • An industry-ready, high-performing indigenous design workforce. Our indigenous creativetech porogramme - ĀPŌPŌ – aims help grow a workforce who are developing their design capability from an indigenous kaupapa context, who want to be commercially savvy, innovative and able to apply a culturally diverse lens to everything they create.

  • Indigenous products and solutions that solve local and global problems. Utilising kaupapa Māori principles and practices to design and innovate.

  • Design leadership. Inspire and lead through the delivery of cutting-edge, innovative solutions, and thoughtful and provoking kōrero.